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Riste Zdraveski

In October 2010, I was a 27 years old who worked in an office environment with a terrible work/life/health balance. I was over 170kg and at a point where I did not believe I would live to see my 30th birthday.

I walked into Seldy’s gym on a Wednesday night and at that point my life changed. Mark Selden and the culture he maintains at Seldys Gym with his team and member’s over the years has been amazing. NO egos, NO negativity, NO putting anyone down.  Instead, it was 100% encouragement, 100% support, 100% positivity and feels like a FAMILY that you miss when you’re not there.

Over the years the support and help form everyone there has helped me to improve my health - physically, mentally and spiritually. Being surrounded by the right people, engaging the right tools and having the fight mind set has allowed me to become the best version of me that I can be.


I had tried many gyms prior and I can safely say if it wasn’t for Mark Selden and Seldy’s Gym 6 years ago, my wife, family and friends would have one less loved one here today.

My journey has not finished yet, but with over 70kg of unwanted weight gone, my work/life/health balance is restored and my story has become a proud journey that I now share.


Everyone has a life story as to why they at the point they are in their life. Mark may not take credit for this final comment… Meeting Mark Selden and joining Seldys Gym SAVED my life.

If this inspires you, then come down, add a new chapter to your story and see what version you can become of yourself… It will be hard work and you will have the support all around you.

Stacy Cruden

After my second child in 2011, I decided then for my new years resolution that I was going to make 2012 about me and reaching my ultimate goal weight. I went to my trainer Mark Selden and told him I wanted to reach my ultimate goal weight of 55kgs, so then began the journey of my weight loss.


On the first of January 2012, I weighed in at 67kgs. Over that year, it did take me longer than I expected to reach my goal, as I suffered a few foot related injuries on the way which kept me out of action for quite sometime..

But with Mark's positive attitude and encouragement, he helped me to never give up and push past all the boundaries. On the 3rd of December I weighed in at 55.5kgs, a much fitter and stronger Stacey. My ultimate goal has been met and I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in many many years.


Since December I have even pushed past that weighing in at 54kgs and now preparing to do my first Muay Thai grading. I have now lost a total of 13kgs and taken a total of 28cm off my entire body. I could not be happier with the results and I now know if i put my mind to something, anything is achievable.


Thank you Mark and everyone at Seldys for everything you have done and helping me to achieve my goals. Without you all I don't think I would have gotten here on my own.

Stacey "VINNY" Cruden


Teigan Crafter

I started at Seldys Gym just over 2 years ago, for the usual reasons that most people have in wanting to join a gym, but what I could never have foreseen was just how much of an impact it would have on my life. I started out with very little fitness, anxiety and a social awkwardness that hindered me from ever wanting to meet new people. From day one, Mark treated me as if I was an old friend, and the atmosphere was unlike anywhere else I have been before. Every person that have I met along the way has been positive, accommodating and supportive, no matter what their goals are, or what  level of fitness they are at. I finally found a place in the world where felt I could relax, where I felt comfortable, where I belonged. I have been supported through injuries, through good days and bad ones, and it's in this motivating and crazy fun environment that I have formed friendships and reached weight loss and fitness goals but it is also where I'm pushed out of my comfort zone to set new ones. No matter what mood you arrive in, you're able to leave with a more positive mindset and a brighter outlook. If ANYONE is considering joining a gym, no matter where your'e at physically or emotionally, I cannot recommend Seldys Gym highly enough.

Teigan Crafter




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